Chama B & B
The Pullman Room


Luxury awaits you in the Pullman Room. With a queen-size bed, private adjoining bath including a whirlpool tub for two, and views of the gardens and the rail yard, you can retreat and reminisce in quaint comfort. Morning will greet your senses with the aroma of a fresh and hearty breakfast.

The History Behind The Pullman Room

Pullman, George Mortimer (1831-97)- An American inventor, first trained as a cabinetmaker, designed in 1863 the first modern railroad sleeping cars. These cars included such comforts as folding upper berths, and seats that could extend into lower berths.

He founded the Pullman Palace Car Co. in 1867, which manufactured sleeping cars, parlor cars, and dining cars. In 1880 he founded the town of Pullman, III., now part of Chicago, as a community for the workers of his company. Pullman helped to bring luxury and a sense of class to railway travel.

Parlor Car B & B is now equipped with Refrigerated Air.